We are a non-profit organization seeking to empower and celebrate women using an inclusive approach that encourages participation from the entire community in creating equality and healing through self expression & communication.




We believe effective and sustainable change requires participation from all genders, ages and ethnic backgrounds. We aim to inspire others to bring people together in their own communities to promote the empowerment of woman and social change.

Our commitment to inclusion is evidenced in our Men’s Program, Teen Conference, global outreach and diverse composition of our board and committee members.


Every Woman Foundation hosts the Every Woman Festival annually in celebration of International Women’s Day. This event brings together women from many backgrounds to share and embrace their talents and success.


In the spirit of loving and helping each other we work to provide support, educational events and resources to women and the community that supports them.

Social Change:

Every Woman Foundation aims to support efforts the have a significant impact on societal attitudes and behaviors towards woman. We are dedicated to working together to close gaps in communities: the gap between men and women, between women and themselves and between what women are told they should be and who they really are. We believe that to effect sustainable change, participation from both genders, all ages and ethnic backgrounds is required.


What we do:

Every Woman Festival, our signature event, celebrates and empowers women, and engages communities in celebrating International Women’s Day annually. The Every Woman Fundraising Gala raises funds for our outreach programs and educational events.

Outreach programs– Writing Classes, Songwriting Classes, One on One Teen Mentor-ship, Positive Self Talk Program (2016), Men of Integrity Program (2016).

Every Woman Music– our music is available on iTunes. Currently free podcasts are available by artists who have participated in past Every Woman events. In 2014, we will launch tracks recorded especially for • Every Woman Organization, the proceeds of which go to selected women’s charities. EWF Music brings female artists together from around the globe and locally in music collaborations.

Other educational events– Screenings of educational documentaries (such as Miss Representation, Girl Rising and The Mask You Live In) and panel discussions on topics we feel are important and relevant to creating equality and healing in our communities.


Our aims:

• To celebrate and empower women

• To inspire people to bring people together in their own communities

• To create social change where true equality is achieved with participation from both genders, all ages and backgrounds

• To empower and educate people to develop and maintain a positive self image



Every Woman Foundation is a non-profit organization in Canada (since 2013), Australia (since 2008) and the United States (since 2014) seeking to empower and celebrate women using an inclusive approach that encourages participation from the entire community through our educational events and outreach programs.

We aim to celebrate and empower women and get together to create positive change in the face of oppressing social structures (race, class, age, ability, gender expression, sexuality, visual appearance) in the spirit of loving and helping each other. EWF was founded by Australian violinist Sophie Serafino, and has presences in Sydney (Australia), Calgary (Alberta Canada) and Edmonton (Alberta Canada), Boston (MA, USA) and partner programs in Malawi Africa.

Join us! We aim to develop a world wide presence that inspires people to join together in the spirit of love, community service and celebration. If you are interested in running an Every Woman Foundation event in your city, outreach programs or are interested in volunteering please contact us. 


For more information on past events, click here.