Interview with June Round by Daniela Codreanu

June Round is a beam of shining light to this world. When you are around her, you cannot help but be drawn to her infectious personality. Her life mission has been about healing the world with love and compassion through the practice of Thai Massage.

She grew up on a farm in Northern Alberta and was her Father’s right hand girl. “I was such a jock,” she says. In her late teen years she attended the University of Alberta taking Recreation Administration; then she went on to study Criminology at Mount Royal University, which was a College at the time, and later attended the University of Calgary.

“For the summer times because I was a student at the University, I was working as a ditch digger to make money, so that I could go back to school; at that point in time, it was $15.00 an hour,” comments Round.

It was her participation in the Miss Edmonton Contest that got her noticed in the modelling world. “My first gig (afterward) was a Ralph Lauren shoot and from there (I) was asked to go model internationally.” She quit school and decided to follow her new path.

Round tells the story of her years in the modelling industry: “I wasn’t prettier than anyone else and I didn’t walk better than anyone else… Being who I was, the farm girl… That’s what catapult (me to) success. Then there was a point where I just said this is not enough. I had my best friend’s daughter die in the middle of the night, when I was on the top of my career. I looked at what I what I was doing and I said, ‘What is this for? Why am I doing this? Is it for my ego? Where am I going with this?’ I couldn’t give myself a good enough answer to stay in it and I quit.”

Also at this point, she was 31 and being asked to get her eyes done as it would allow her to get many more years out of her career. Her response, “No, I am not altering my body, so I just left it.”

Her next move was to Thailand where she studied Thai Massage and would practice it for the next 25 years: “(I) really found my passion in healing and doing what I call Spirit’s work,” shares Round. She received the opportunity to work on some of the world’s biggest musical celebrities getting them ready for their concerts each night: Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Katy Perry, Olivia Newton John, Rolling Stones and Van Morrison’s band.

Nowadays, she is giving her body a rest and healing the world with love and compassion in other ways.

Last year she wowed the crowd at the very first annual Every Woman Festival with her Spiritual Interactive Activity. Each individual received a bright red bracelet several threads thick that had been previously blessed by the Dalai Lama himself; she then asked each person to say a blessing for their friend or loved one while they tied the bracelet onto their friend’s or love one’s wrist.

This year at the Every Woman Festival she will lead another Spiritual Interactive Activity where guests can write their wishes for loved ones, their community or the world on a ribbon that will then be tied to Calgary’s very own Wish Tree. It will be planted in a specific area of the city as a landmark of hope.

“The Wishing Tree is a place where you’ll put a wish on it and your heart will feel good. It will be a feel good place in the city to go if somebody is sick or if you want the planet healed,” says Round with joy.


-by Daniela Codreanu

Daniela Codreanu Calgary Herald Media