Positive Self Talk

Positive Self Talk- Self Esteem, Self Exploration and Communication

Program Description:
What is your self-talk telling you? Learn to focus on facts, with a positive view, rather than a negatively skewed one. Explore who you are, what makes you who you are, self-compassion, body image and communication with yourself and others. Focus on successes, in order to move forwards in a positive way towards yourself and others. Learn ways to enjoy your own path of development. Be ready for inspiration, fun, looking at yourself and life in a new way!

 Who? Students can be at any stage of their lives. This program is a 4 or 8 week program, and can be tailored for various age groups.

  1. Provide Recognition and Self Validation – To give a voice to the particular group of students by allowing them an opportunity to share their stories, ideas, feelings, life goals, etc.
  2. Overcome external self image related pressures,
  3. Build self-esteem
  4. Learn self-expression & communication skills
  5. Build body confidence
  6. Explore who you are
  7. Explore emotions, where they come from and how they impact our lives
  8. Self respect and respect for others.


How do the courses work?

  • Publicly offered sessions are 2 hours a week over 4 weeks.
  • Privately offered sessions to various organizations can be tailored to meet your needs for example, a 30-minute presentation to a 12-week course.
  • Programs are lead by 1-3 volunteers provided by EWF free of charge.

What do participants need to take part? Optional- their own paper & pens/pencils or laptop. We can also provide pens, paper and pencils and art materials.

*NB This program is life-coaching program, which is not to be taken in replacement of professional psychiatric, or other treatment.


positive self talk


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