Self Expression & Communication Through Songwriting

Self-Expression and Communication through Songwriting

Songwriting is an important part of EWF Outreach, and has been operating since 2008, first classes held in Sydney Australia in 2008 and in Calgary since 2013. Programs are provided for free by Every Woman Foundation, available both on scheduled occasions to the general public, and also in various educational, recreational and/or institutions. In our songwriting classes a professional songwriter works with a group of students to help them create a song together that will represent their feelings, thoughts, beliefs or ambitions in life.  During classes, participants focus on individual projects or together as a group to create one song together. Songs are recorded and uploaded to a website so they can review and work on their music. They will be asked to listen to and discuss their different songs, thus leading them into deeper conversations regarding similarities and differences in their lives.  They will continue their conversations periodically throughout the year, possibly sharing music that they enjoy, co-writing via internet and composing songs as individuals on topics of importance to them.



Students can be at any stage of their lives. EWF Songwriting has been hosted in primary schools, universities, children’s hospitals and women’s shelters and for a variety of age groups.


1.  Provide Recognition and Self Validation –  (Occurs during the writing process) To give a voice to participants and an outlet for that voice by allowing them an opportunity to share their stories, ideas, feelings, life goals, etc.

2.  Increase Self Awareness and Cross Cultural Awareness  – (Occurs during class interactions)  To connect participants so they can learn from one another and open their minds to the rich diversity of the world.

3.  Increase Self-Confidence –  (Occurs during writing, sharing and performing) To provide knowledge of songwriting and the opportunity to create music, share it and perform it for others.  This can be an incredibly empowering experience.


Additional Options:

1.  Creation of a compilation CD
2. Share video footage of the writing sessions with the young woman at the Every Woman Festival
3. Invite a select amount of these young women to share their song at the event by performing it live for our audience.


Songwriting class Recordings:

Listen to songs written in our Songwriting program a during sessions at the Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary on our Sound Cloud Page:


Throughout 2014, our songwriting classes ran 90 minute classes weekly at Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary. The above music are some of the product of those classes. In 2015, our songwriting classes continue to run in Servants Anonymous Society, Ronald MacDonald House Calgary and are now offered for free to the general public at various times throughout the year.

The Choir from our 2014 recording of the song Every Woman

Self Expression & Communication Through Songwriting (Songpals) at Ronald MacDonald House Calgary


“This has been an amazing program that our participants look forward to” – Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary

“Participants have benefited from this course, both within the classes and one on one teen mentorship” – Ronald MacDonald House Calgary