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Finding Your Voice – a Creative Writing Program provided by Every Woman Foundation


This creative writing program features an interactive approach to finding, and trusting, your voice as a writer. Developed by author and former Calgary Herald editor Yvonne Jeffery and delivered by experienced Every Woman Foundation volunteers, it offers insights for both fiction and creative non-fiction writing. The program blends instruction with plenty of opportunities for discussion and writing exercises, ensuring that each participant can immediately explore and practice ideas. Participants will discover like-minded writers who will provide a safe and supportive community in which to experiment expressing themselves through writing. We encourage the sharing of every participant’s writing with the group, but at their own pace – sharing is never required, only welcomed. Our goal is to help every participant connect with themselves and their creativity, so that they can share their gifts with others as they choose.

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Participants can be any age, and at any stage of writing – from beginner to experienced. Former participants have been writing in a range of genres, from poetry to historical fiction to feature writing (non-fiction).


  1. Explore Creativity: developing the creativity that already lives within you.
  2. Improve Core Skills: developing or refining the core writing skills that you need to effectively communicate that creativity.

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Meet the creator and director of our writing program- Yvonne Jeffery, former writer for the Calgary Herald:

Yvonne Jeffery has been working in community engagement from the beginning of her career, as a Canadian army officer. She served across Canada for 10 years and overseas on a United Nations peacekeeping tour in Cambodia, learning firsthand about diversity, equality and the power of individual voices brought together. She translated this experience into her subsequent communications and journalism work, including as the editor of the Calgary Herald’s “HERS” magazine from 2010 to 2013. Last year, she returned to work in community investment, where she is inspired daily by the achievements of non-profits and charities around the world.


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